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Connecting qualified job seekers with top employers!


Whether you’re looking for qualified talent or searching for your next position, Baltven will give you a head-start in multiple career industries. We pride ourselves in finding unique solutions tailored for each client. Our professional experience spans across Europe and beyond, as well as a variety of industries – ready to adapt for each labour market. Our team will find the best-suited candidates for each of our client’s positions, as well as connect job seekers with employers that match the candidate’s requirements. Creating long lasting, mutually beneficial and efficient partnerships is our primary goal!

We are an organization based in Poland, that began its operations in 2018, when our founder and CEO saw an absolute need to connect people and companies across multiple countries. We realise the need for qualified and experienced professionals, as well as gaps in the labour market that cannot be filled with local prospects. The expertise and knowledge that our team possesses, coupled with stellar standards for employer and candidate selection, allow us to bridge those gaps.

Our company prides itself for preparing, filing and completing all the required documentation, permits and certification required by law. These processes are completed in accordance to each country’s specific jurisdiction.

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